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(a) sunny (day): (a) bright, clear, fine, luminous (day)
What a nice sunny day! There isn't a cloud in the sky.

(a) sunny (attitude): (a) cheerful, happy, pleasant, joyful (attitude)

the sun: the star that is the source of light and heat for the Earth and the other planets in the solar system


  • "I want to give you the moon and the stars and the sun, and I want to get you a small planet if you want!"
  • "Welcome to 'Camel Convention 2008', here in sunny Damascus, home of some of the most magnificent camels on earth!"
  • "Enjoy your time strolling our sunny 75-acre estate or swimming in our giant lake, stocked daily with fresh carp."
  • "It's great to be here in sunny California."
  • "And I could finance my lifelong ambition of destroying the sun!"
  • "I hope it makes your day a little sunnier."
  • "Sun 25 May"
  • "Sun, sea, sandcastles."
  • "Each billboard emits the scent of Washed Up, described by Kalvin Krime as 'a masculine blend of sun, surf, and wetsuits'."
  • "Even when she says that it's going to rain, my heart is sunny just to hear her name!"

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