Definition Supervise

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to supervise: to oversee, to direct, to watch over, to control

a supervisor: someone who watches over someone else's work


  • "Now, my supervisor will be calling you back to confirm this purchase."
  • "I've been here for the last few months supervising the final touches to the property, and the fall is the perfect time to visit."
  • "Your friend and supervisor"
  • "I'd like to speak to your supervisor, son."
  • "I know you're his supervisor, so I was hoping you could have a chat with him for me."
  • "Your role involves supervising all retail sales, and liaising with the rest of the sales department."
  • "Our plant supervisor in Paris has since been fired."
  • "The bear shot by Warbuckle, affectionately known as "Cinnamon" by the veterinarians supervising its recovery, is in stable condition at the Amarillo Valley Bear Clinic."
  • "This is Archibald Savant, Engineering Supervisor here at Know-it-all Tech Solutions."

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