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(laser) surgery: operation, medical treatment (with lasers)
You need surgery for your broken back.

a surgeon: a doctor who specializes in surgery or operations
Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm pleased to tell you that the surgery was a success.
US: Unfortunately the surgeon died of exhaustion shortly after.
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  • "I have an appointment with Dr. Bob Loblaw for a laser eye surgery."
  • "(Sophie is a surgeon."
  • "I sincerely hope that you have fully recovered from your recent colon surgery."
  • "I have a deviated septum. Thinking about getting surgery."
  • "Kevin : I'm not sure if I can drink any alcohol before my surgery."
  • "I'm getting laser eye surgery."
  • "Philip : Well then, you won't mind if I take a little look inside them. Get ready for Dr. Philip to perform surgery."
  • "Like a surgeon, cutting for the very first time"
  • "First of all, just minutes before Mr. Connors and Mr. Marron collided with the giant Oak tree on Ashbury street, the two were at Mount Sinai hospital, where Mr. Connors underwent a serious operation to correct his vision (the surgery was a success)."
  • "This dog needs immediate surgery, right Stink?"

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