Definition Suspect

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to suspect: to think (of someone) as suspicious, to believe
I suspect him of stealing the toilet paper from our bathroom.

a suspect: a person under suspicion
The police have no suspects in their investigation.

suspect: suspicious, doubtful, not as expected, unsure
The president's new policy on legalizing cocaine is a little suspect.


  • "Police report that no one at the bar was sober enough to describe the suspected assailant's face accurately."
  • "We have intelligence that points to a single suspect: an Amazonian national named Horatio Oléré, living in the San Francisco area."
  • "He bought them out one by one, without anyone suspecting a thing."
  • "Kalvin Krime, President of Kalvin Krime, Inc: "I'm not a suspect in Patrice's death, am I?"
  • "As Philip suspected, the problem is related to Spencer, the new Galeries Falayette sales assistant in charge of Delavigne products at the store."
  • "Lucie Lohan and I will now question all of the suspects present."
  • "Everyone is a suspect."
  • "I've rounded up all the potential murder suspects there for interrogation!"
  • "If you're in this office right now, you're a suspect for the murder of Bruno's dog, Stink Delavigne!"

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