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suspicious: distrustful, skeptical, apprehensive, doubtful; strange, dubious, questionable
He looks suspicious. I think he is guilty of something, but I'm not sure what!
I find it suspicious that you don't make eye contact with me. If you were innocent, you would look me in the eye.

to be suspicious (of, that): to suspect (that something has happened); to be dubious of, skeptical about (someone)
I'm suspicious of his intentions. He says he wants to be a police officer to fight crime, but he has connections to the mafia.
We are suspicious that the judge has taken a bribe: his verdict seems very strange.


  • "I first started getting suspicious in the helicopter."
  • "Steve : That sounds suspicious, I think you've received a phishing e-mail."
  • "The press is already suspicious of our methods."
  • "He is notoriously suspicious of everything, and certainly cannot be trusted."
  • "- Don't be stupid enough to respond in any way to unsolicited or suspicious mail claiming to be from a bank."
  • "That sounds suspicious."
  • "A quick-thinking pedestrian, who happened to pass by just as the suspicious youths entered the bank, helped police solve the crime in record time."

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