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to swim: to move through water by kicking your legs and moving your arms
This is an irregular verb:
I swim / I swam / I have swum

to have a swim: to move through water for pleasure (informal)

swimming: the act of moving through water


  • "I can't run, let alone swim in the ocean!"
  • "Enjoy your time strolling our sunny 75-acre estate or swimming in our giant lake, stocked daily with fresh carp."
  • "is it a problem that I can't swim?"
  • "It is exactly 9:07 am, and I am swimming alongside a dolphin."
  • "It's a type of software that allows you to do things on your E-Phone, like change your voice, break up with your girlfriend, watch virtual fish swimming."
  • "I am currently swimming 20,000 leagues under the sea, as a member of the crew of the USS Calypso."
  • "Those clothes were on me for 15 days, so I'm glad someone else can enjoy them. So were you just having a swim or were you trying to get somewhere?"
  • "Out here you can get in touch with the great outdoors: hunting, fishing, swimming in the lake, and lounging in the outdoor Jacuzzi."

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