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a swimming pool (or pool): a large, tiled hole filled with water for swimming in
Bruno has a swimming pool on the roof of his condo.

swimming: the act, sport or technique of one that swims


  • "Candy : Well Brent, the Pope can expect to throw off his robes and dive into the Vatican swimming pool because this weekend it's going to be hot hot hot!"
  • "Xavier loved sports, particularly Water Polo, though he never understood how to get the horses in the swimming pool."
  • "Camera footage shows Oléré diving into a pool of caviar in full scuba gear at one point."
  • "Brian : But the swimming pool on the roof!"
  • "The endless supply of foot massages has not gone unnoticed, and the sparkling water you bring to me tastes as fresh as a polar bear's paddling pool."
  • "The swimming pool is out back, I hope you guys brought your swim trunks."
  • "You must see my new marble swimming pool."
  • "Brent : I love swimming pools!"

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