Tell the truth

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to tell you the truth...: to be honest..., to speak sincerely..., to be frank...
I'm glad you mentioned that, because to tell you the truth, I don't feel like going to that party either.

the truth: the reality, the facts, the actuality


  • "Horatio : I tell the truth, but I don't believe in your God."
  • "If everyone could come up to my office before the end of this week to pick a name out of a hat (although truth be told, I don't own any hats, so we'll be using an envelope), I would appreciate it."
  • "Horatio : I accuse him because it is the truth."
  • "Luna : Oh fine, well not so fine, to tell you the truth."
  • "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a high-stress job, must be suffering negative health consequences."
  • "It's the truth."
  • "I'm not sure, Betsy doesn't always tell the truth."
  • "speaks the truth."
  • "Narrator : Finally, the moment of truth has arrived."
  • "The truth is actually a long and relatively boring story that I will now tell you."

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