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the temperature: the measured amount of heat (for example, 25 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit)


  • "The local time is 3:30 in the afternoon, and the temperature is 10 degrees celsius, and it is, of course, raining heavily."
  • "The temperature has dropped below zero for the first time in a hundred years."
  • "Average winter temperature in Finland?"
  • "Here under fabulous clear blue skies, the temperature is hot enough to roast a dingo."
  • "Here in Siberia, the temperature just reached -20 degrees Celsius with a wind chill temperature of -29."
  • "Rupert : Hello, hello, what's the temperature in Scotland next week?"
  • "Dr. Loblaw : Your blood pressure is normal, temperature as well."
  • "The temperature should start dropping late this evening, and we'll be down around the low fifties by tomorrow night."
  • "He said 'climate change is happening - that much is sure - but what the scare-mongers are failing to mention is that our planet has always had great fluctuations in temperature."

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