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to terminate: to end, to finish, to stop
In the sense of trains and buses ending their routes, the verb "to terminate" is rarely used in American English.

to terminate an employee: to fire, to sack an employee


  • "I would like to invite you to stop by my office at your earliest convenience to discuss this matter further, as well as to provide you with some more information regarding our policy on terminating employees (I mean that in the non-Arnold Schwarzenneger way)."
  • "It is therefore my obligation to inform you that the contract between our two companies is hereby terminated."
  • "Your decision to terminate Mrs. Hughes will cost this company 2 months of salary in addition to a generous severance package."
  • "The only way to avoid lasting damage to our reputation is to terminate Ivana's contract immediately, and make a public statement deploring her behavior!"
  • "Although firings are occasionally necessary, terminating an employee should be a last resort."
  • "You're going to have to terminate the contract with the company altogether."
  • "Announcement : This train terminates at Upminster."
  • "Bruno called Slideshow Consulting at 11.22am to terminate Bob Carter's consultancy period."

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