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an (English) test: an (English) exam, quiz, set of questions, questionnaire
to pass a test to get the necessary mark or grade for a test, to succeed in an exam

a (sound) test: a (sound) trial, an attempt to get the (sound) right by trying and adjusting it

a (blood) test: an analysis, an examination (of one's blood)

to test: to try, to do a trial, to examine, to analyze


  • "Today I will show you the results of my baby testing experiments."
  • "Is that because he's the first baby you tested?"
  • "Our lab tests reveal nearly fatal levels of mescaline, bath salts and bong water in his system, as well as trace elements of orange juice and horse tranquilizer."
  • "Brian : The initiation test, great guru."
  • "I am fully confident in the results because Horatio did the testing in between shots of tequila."
  • "Tonight is the test to see if I got pull"
  • "No test?"
  • "The point is that I have big plans for this company - we are going to make an exclusive line of perfumes for babies, and naturally the first step is baby testing."
  • "It is because she's the second baby I tested."
  • "Anyway, I need an emergency paternity test, you know the routine."

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