There no way that

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There's no way (that story is true): It's not possible that (that story is true); under no conditions is, in no circumstances is (that story true)

There's no way (I'm going to Thailand with him): (I am) absolutely not willing (to go to Thailand with him)

There's no way to reach him: It's impossible to reach him; There is no means of reaching him; He is unreachable


  • "Philip : There's no way I'm going to ruin my $500 shoes cleaning up this mess."
  • "There's no way it can fail."
  • "Philip : Yeah, but I think the election was rigged, there's no way all those people could have voted for you!"
  • "Passenger : Well, I was here first, there's no way I'm moving!"
  • "Hombre 1 : A royal flush? There's no way!"
  • "There's no way of penetrating this robot, at least not in any traditional way."
  • "No matter how much your department stores are grossing every month, there's no way you can stay out of personal debt when you're spending like this."
  • "There's no way I'm sitting in the park with you, Jones"
  • "I was calling to see if I should come back to San Francisco, but now there's no way I'll do that."

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