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These days (I listen to Abba a lot): Recently, presently, now, at the moment (I listen to Abba a lot)
I used to do a lot of sport. These days, I just watch it on TV.

one of these days: sometime soon, in the near future


  • "Wellington, the capital, is attracting a lot of foreign investment these days."
  • "Shopkeeper : Well we mostly supply to government organizations, although more and more leading corporations are purchasing these days."
  • "These days, people are shopping and banking online, instant messaging from mobile phones, posting status updates through Spitter, blogging, vlogging (or better yet mobile vlogging), aggregating news from various sources and perfecting their profiles on popular social networking sites."
  • "Nothing but bad news these days."
  • "These days, however, China has set its sights on bigger game."
  • "We have a lot of celebrity clients avoiding processed food these days."
  • "These days, boasting about short nights seems more silly than manly, not to mention that anyone still working on Wall Street is lucky to have a job during these tough economic times!"
  • "What's a safe investment these days, anyway?"
  • "These days conservatives are often associated with strong religious beliefs as well."

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