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to threaten: to menace, to warn of future danger
He threatened me verbally for several minutes before hitting me.

a threat: a warning of something bad which may happen in the future
Is that a threat or a promise?
to pose a threat to be a danger, a risk, a potential problem

Pronunciation examples
UK: Don't you threaten me with that banana.
US: I can't threaten you with this banana. It's just a banana.
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  • "In the US, the loss of industrial jobs and the rise of a global economy have threatened the higher wages that union members once enjoyed."
  • "They're threatening to send him back to Mexico."
  • "Drop in spending threatens gloomy Christmas for retailers"
  • "There are lots of dangers on the sea, including the very real threat of zucchini."
  • "If someone threatens you with physical violence, offer them some discount vouchers."
  • "Faced with the threat of a flu pandemic, researchers from Paris have developed a deterrent that could stop the virus from spreading."
  • "Rebels are demanding $4 billion in ransom and have threatened to remove the hostages' hairs one by one tomorrow morning."

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