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three: (the number) 3


  • "The three "C's": communication, camaraderie and comedy."
  • "So, after three rounds of interviews, I've determined that you're one of the strongest candidates."
  • "The Greenback & Trust branch, located on Fell Street, was robbed at 11:14 AM by three teenage boys dressed in drag and carrying kitchen knives."
  • "Do you have the three pieces of identification we asked for?"
  • "I checked them against five other credible agencies (and three disreputable ones)."
  • "It hasn't stopped snowing in three days!"
  • "Marshall was doing his daily sweep of Amarillo's natural wildlife preserve, which borders Warbuckle's ranch on three sides."
  • "Bruno : But three thirds equals one, and one is the loneliest number."
  • "Susie : The store has three floors full of all the latest Delavigne products."
  • "I am comfortable in high-pressure situations, and I work well both independently and within a team. In addition to my secretarial and research skills, I am an experienced event planner, having arranged Bingo Night for three consecutive years, one of the government's most popular evenings."

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