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to throw (something over someone): to project, to launch, to release (something over someone)
The rule of the game is that we have to throw this ball to each other. If you throw it and it touches the ground, you lose.

This is an irregular verb:
I throw / I threw / I have thrown

a throw: a toss, a fling, a hurl, a sling, a heave, a chuck
That throw was terrible, it hit the floor before it had traveled 2 inches.

to throw (something) out, away: to discard (something), to put (something) in the bin
Pronunciation examples
UK: Let's throw a party. Whoo!
US: I learned how to throw knives in the circus.


  • "You've only been alive for a matter of months, but I've already had reports of public indecency, aggressive lullaby singing, diaper throwing, tummy aches, temper tantrums, loud crying and some very serious accusations of milk abuse."
  • "A fellow student said "Zack was careful not to throw the candy directly at people, but a caramel square did land quite near my foot"."
  • "Susie throws coffee over Philip for making obscene remark."
  • "Why did the man throw his clock out of the window?"
  • "(ahem) Throw your hands in the air"
  • "Zack Fielding, described as a shy loner by his classmates, threw a range of sweets, including jelly beans and candy corn, during a 10th grade math class."
  • "A 15-year-old boy wreaked havoc today at White Dove High School when he pulled out candy from his bag and threw it "quite hard" at fellow students."
  • "So if you find a pile of records in the garage, don't throw them away!"
  • "Hey hey, there's no need to throw things!"
  • "I threw them away when Bruno bought me the MP3 player."

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