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tight (clothing, deadline): close-fitting, narrow, constricted (clothing); a strict, tough, inflexible (deadline)
a pair of tight jeans a pair of jeans that sit very close to the skin, without much room for movement
The hand-cuffs were very tight. They cut off my blood circulation.
Sit tight! Don't move! Just stay still!

to be tight with one's money: to be stingy, miserly with one's money, not to give one's money away often or easily
Kevin is very tight with his money. He wouldn't even lend me $1 for the bus fare home, so I had to walk 3 miles!

Pronunciation examples
UK: He's very tight with his money - he never buys me a drink!
US: I can't walk because my pants are too tight!


  • "Working as part of a team to tight deadlines."
  • "Al Capone : We're on a tight schedule, Brian, so no chit-chatting please."
  • "Philip : Yeah, the tutu is great, but do you think it's a bit too tight?"
  • "I can fit into tight spaces!"
  • "Susie : Look, I'll be straight with you, Mr. McDoody: Delavigne's on an extremely tight schedule for the next season."
  • "Donna : Brian Jones, you are the meanest, tightest, most stubborn person I've ever met."
  • "They never swear and spit, and my god, they look good in those tight shirts!"

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