To assume

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to assume: to suppose, to presume, to expect
I assume that you looked at the files before coming to today's meeting?

to assume (responsibility): to take, to accept (responsibility)
Bruno assumes all financial responsibility for the company.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I assumed all responsibility for losing the contract.
US: I assume that's why you were fired.
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  • "I assume you both want to go?"
  • "I assumed he was your physician."
  • "So I assume you'll be taking more this time."
  • "I assume you received my e-mail?"
  • "I assume the government doesn't give the elderly a very generous pension, right?"
  • "So, I'll just assume that you'll follow me as I walk out the door."
  • "I assume you'll want to order 100,000 units?"
  • "And the beauty of this song is - in case it wins me any bonus points - you can also use it for New Year too, which I assume I'll also be spending alone."
  • "My future plans are to leave the city as soon as possible, assume a new identity and start a new life in a murder-free area."
  • "Am I correct in assuming that you want to retain my services for the resolution of this."

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