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To be honest (I am not really interested...): To be frank, sincere, to tell the truth (I am not really interested...)
To be honest, I didn't read your memo.


  • "Mr. Steele : Look, Miss DeLune, I'm going to be honest with you."
  • "Bruno : You know to be honest Herbert, I don't know the first thing about movies."
  • "I feel that we've reached a point where we have to be honest with ourselves: this relationship is over."
  • "But to be completely honest with you Miss DeLune, I was a few minutes late myself."
  • "You want me to be honest with you?"
  • "To be completely honest, I don't know what you're saying."
  • "Susan : To be honest, I think your reputation can only be improved by being linked to a luxury brand like Delavigne."
  • "God : To be honest I don't think about it much."
  • "You're probably wondering what exactly happened between Bruno and I, and to be honest it's not easy to explain."
  • "Hannah : A bit busy to be honest, Icarus."

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