To care

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to care about (the environment): to be interested in, to be concerned for (the environment)
You may not think it now, but I'm locking you in your room because I care about you!
Take care of yourself. Look after yourself mentally and physically.
I couldn't care less! It really doesn't affect me.

to care for (a child): to look after, to provide for (a child)

I don't care: it's not important to me, I'm not interested, I am indifferent

caring: loving, understanding, warm, compassionate, kind


  • "I don't know what you've done, frankly I don't care."
  • "Incorporating nap time for the staff might even provide a nice PR angle for all those journalists looking for stories about "hip" and "caring" corporations."
  • "Bruno : I care about other stuff!"
  • "Trey : In a word: "caring"."
  • "Well, I care"
  • "And we don't care about the young folks"
  • "But I still care."
  • "I know you don't care too much"
  • "Thursday I don't care about you, it's Friday I'm in love."

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