Definition To disturb

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to disturb: to bother, to trouble, to inconvenience
The smoke in the bar disturbed me; it hurt my eyes.

Do not disturb: Do not enter, do not interrupt

disturbing: troubling, worrying
Luna found the report about the war in Afghanistan very disturbing.


  • "Who dares disturb me during nap time?"
  • "Step 2: Changing a national anthem is very disturbing to the people."
  • "Voice : Who dares disturb the Illuminati during our lunch break?"
  • "I hope to tour your factory during operating hours, however I don't want to disturb the production process!"
  • "Sorry to have disturbed you!"
  • "Congratulations, it will be a pleasure to transform your ridiculous dreams into a disturbing reality."
  • "Brian : Hi Horatio, sorry to disturb."
  • "Though I'm deeply disturbed by your behavior, I am committed to helping you become a less disgusting human being through my life coaching."
  • "Steffi : I hope I do not disturb you, you must be a busy man."
  • "I have heard several very disturbing reports of language misuse by management here, and I just want to make sure that everyone is on the same page as far as our language policy is concerned."

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