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to expect (something to happen): to anticipate; to think, to believe (something will happen)
I am expecting a letter from my uncle. He posted it last week so it should arrive soon.
What do you expect from me? What do you want from me? What do you require of me?

an expectation: anticipation; a hope, a desire, a belief
Bruno has high expectations of his staff. He demands that they always work really hard.

expected: anticipated, desired, prospective


  • "Actually I'm expecting twins!"
  • "I never expected that we'd receive so many love letters."
  • "-I wouldn't expect more than a few sprinkles."
  • "On the other hand it makes me sad that I can't give you the response you might expect."
  • "Specifically, I've been thinking about your highly unrealistic expectations of making it in the music industry."
  • "We weren't expecting an inspection."
  • "He's expecting you at his home studio in Sausalito tomorrow at 3PM."
  • "You don't expect the staff to sing that every morning, do you?"
  • "Free-shipping and "buy one get one free" offers are expected to increase before Christmas."

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