To form

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to form: to create, to make, to start (for example a club, a group)
We're forming a club: do you want to be a member?
We formed a friendship. We became friends.

a form: a type, a kind, a class; a shape, a size
We offer perfume bottles in different forms: everything from 10ml to a liter.

(Please fill out) the form: (Please fill out, complete) the document, the paperwork


  • "Not only are melody and rhythm essential ingredients in the perfume-making process, I believe they are essential for all forms of work."
  • "Managers come in many different shapes and forms. There are many types of managers and many different terms that describe different managers."
  • "I'll send you the forms. We're looking forward to freezing you."
  • "I just need you to sign this form-"
  • "Or do you want me to complete the form using my own blood – get it?"
  • "It was by far the most complicated, time-consuming and needlessly bureaucratic form I have ever completed: I was in pure ecstasy."
  • "To me, it suggests a perfume bottle shaped in the form of our initials 'DC'."
  • "Messages in bottles are not the most reliable form of correspondence, but as my camp is patrolled by French guards, there is no shortage of empty wine bottles."
  • "Thank you, I received those forms that you sent me."
  • "I've already sneezed several times on this form. Sorry."

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