To handle

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to handle: to manage, to deal with, to take care of; to use, to operate; to touch, to manipulate
Our sales manager in Tokyo handles all of our sales in Asia. She manages everything herself.
-Will you be able to handle this on your own? -Yes, I can manage.
Who handled the perfume samples? Half the bottles are broken. Somebody handled them too roughly!
I can handle this car very well. It's really easy to use the controls.
handle with care fragile, be careful with this, it may break easily

Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm fragile, and you should handle me with care.
US: I handle all the recruitment in this company.
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  • "I was under the impression that a customer service department and a customer service hotline had been put into place exactly to handle situations such as this one."
  • "I'm not happy about the way you two are handling our customer support."
  • "Handle each complaint in a courteous and professional manner and to the client's satisfaction."
  • "My servers could handle 10 times the traffic if they weren't busy apologizing for your shit code base."
  • "We are capable of handling all your production very cheaply."
  • "The way you handled that paper jam was incredible."
  • "-The way the complaint is handled will determine if the customer will return or not."
  • "Kevin : Well Mrs Lee, because your factory seems so versatile, I was wondering if you would be able to handle our cosmetic packaging as well."
  • "No Edward, you're going to handle this yourself."
  • "If you're not too busy photocopying, I would be very grateful if you could handle the interviews for me."

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