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to laugh: to express amusement or happiness audibly
The movie was so funny, Harry couldn't stop laughing.

to laugh at (someone): to mock, to make fun of, to ridicule (a person)
My friends laughed at me when I got the answer wrong in class.

the laughter, the laugh: the act or sound of laughing
The sound of the children's laughter was pleasant.

Pronunciation examples
UK: The movie about the clown made Horatio laugh and cry.
US: The sound of children's laughter echoed in my ears.


  • "So many of my au pairs hate laughter."
  • "Why do you laugh?"
  • "Philip : Bells on bobtail ring, singing spirits bright, oh what fun it is to laugh and sing, a sleighing song tonight!"
  • "( laughter ) What is so funny?"
  • "Icarus : (laughs)"
  • "On the corner is a banker with a motorcar, the little children laugh at him behind his back."
  • "For example, every morning at 10:00 AM sharp, we could all turn on our intercoms and laugh together for 30 seconds."
  • "When you laugh, it's like a small accordion which plays in the little metro of my mind."
  • "We're all winners today, because we've learned to laugh and love."
  • "Hannah : O'er the hills we go, laughing all the way!"

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