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to mail: to post, to send, to dispatch, to forward

mail: post, letters, parcels, correspondence
by return mail by mail that is taken back to the sender
certified mail post that requires a signature
air mail post sent via airplane to another country

an e-mail: an electronic mail, a message sent from one computer to another


  • "12 coffees brewed per second, 94 mails archived per minute, 6-10 chocolates fed to Bruno per hour."
  • "Shall I mail it to your hotel?"
  • "Jean and I have just completed our diagnostic tests after several of you complained of lag and the poor performance of your mail clients."
  • "You've brought the morning mail I see."
  • "On the other hand, the mail server could die at any moment."
  • "
    Susie: Other messages like marriage proposals, wire transfers from Nigerian princes, and absolutely all mails from Philip Cheeter, I mark as SPAM or delete immediately.
  • "If you have received this e-mail, it means that the Delavigne mail server is still alive."
  • "You might also have come across an e-mail with the subject: "Delavigne mail server (urgent!"
  • "Can I come in and bring you your mail?"
  • "Subject: Delavigne mail server (urgent!"

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