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to miss: to omit, to neglect; to need, to want; to be absent; to arrive too late to get on a bus, train, plane, etc.
I miss you. I feel sad about your absence.
I just missed the bus by two minutes! The bus left two minutes before I arrived!

(a) missing (piece of a puzzle): (a) lost, absent (piece of a puzzle)
My keys are missing. I have lost my keys.

He will be missed: We will be sorry or sad that he is not here
Note that the verb to miss is often used in the passive voice.


  • "That's from noon to 2pm. Then on Wednesday there's a shark documentary on the Nature Channel that I absolutely must not miss!"
  • "But there's something missing."
  • "- There's a couple of numbers missing from your social security."
  • "He will be also missed, a little."
  • "Please tell Bruno I miss him, and I'm very angry with him."
  • "Sure, I didn't know you were gone, but that doesn't mean I didn't miss you."
  • "You don't even miss me! Bruno : Hey, hey, hey, not so fast, Brian."
  • "Only serve to keep reminding me of how much I missed you."
  • "I miss England. Do you have any music that would remind me of home?"
  • "that makes six weeks - we'll miss the deadline!"

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