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to play (tennis, the piano, a role): to participate in a game of (tennis); to perform on (the piano); to act out (a role)
I like to play tennis on the weekends.
Susie has played the violin since she was four years-old, she's a great musician.
Philip likes to play around. Philip enjoys having fun (or cheating on his wife!)
The actor playing Macbeth did a great job.

a player: a performer, a participant

a (theatre) play: a (theatre) production, drama, show


  • "play with a snake, put on trousers, photocopy Philip's butt."
  • "There are many wide-open spaces in the park, so we can change into our shorts and play some non-contact, non-violent sports like frisbee or softball."
  • "it's an advert: "Play guitar today, the Edward Moon Way."
  • "Play guiTar today"
  • "It's a game played with a ball that is struck with the foot."
  • "Come to my laboratory later, we'll play with my snake."
  • "When you laugh, it's like a small accordion which plays in the little metro of my mind."
  • "playing some golf."

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