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to possess: to own, to hold, to have, to control
This plastic watch is all that I possess: it's the only thing I own.

possessed haunted, bewitched, occupied by a spirit

I was possessed by a demon last night. It entered my body and controlled it all night.

a possession: an object belonging to someone, an asset, property; ownership, control, custody
This clock just came into my possession. I inherited it when my mother died last week.
possessions belongings, things, assets, property

to be in possession of drugs to be carrying drugs, to have drugs

to be possessed: to be occupied by another spirit


  • "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a high-stress job, must be suffering negative health consequences."
  • "There is one potential candidate who possesses an impressive profile."
  • "In this case, you no longer possess the hostage."
  • "My latest mission finds me in possession of a microfiche, obtained from one Edward Moon: intern."
  • "Combining exotic Amazonian fruits with the gentle touch of aloe, TigerLily possesses a light, feminine, and fruity scent sure to please women of the most discerning tastes."
  • "I have paid for it with my own savings, so I sincerely hope that it remains in my possession."
  • "I blame it on server at station 12, which I am beginning to suspect is possessed."

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