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to split: to divide, to separate, to part; to open, to break, to burst, to rupture, to rip
I split my pants the other day because they were too small for me. They burst open as soon as I sat down and made a big hole.
Do you want to split this cake with me? We can divide it into two pieces if you like.
a split decision a divided decision (in boxing)

Other meanings:

to split to leave, to depart (I have to split)
to split up to separate from a partner, to end a relationship
to split the difference to agree on an amount in the middle of the difference between two other amounts
a split personality a double personality, a double character

This is an irregular verb:
I split / I split / I have split


  • "I ate so much I nearly split my pants."
  • "The rugby world seems to be split into two camps: those teams in the Northern hemisphere and those originating from the South, notably the South Africans, the Australians and the legendary All Blacks from New Zealand."

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