To suit (someone)

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to suit (somebody): to accommodate, to fit, to be acceptable or convenient to (somebody)
Not to be confused with a suit (clothes):

I finally found a job that suits me, it's perfect.
Green doesn't really suit your eyes, you look better in blue.
Suit yourself. Do what you want.

to be suited to, for (something): to be perfect, to have matching skills, to fit the criteria for (something)
Jean is well suited for the Delavigne corporation because he loves perfumes.


  • "I have everything from Abba to ZZ Top- something to suit every taste and budget!"
  • "Nicola : Ok, ok, Thursday suits me."
  • "I hope those arrangements suit you."
  • "Actually, that suits me – the Australian Dollar is down against the US Dollar at the moment."
  • "I think they'd really suit you."
  • "The early afternoon would suit me best: let's say 2.30PM."
  • "We've got some very nice artificial plants which might suit you better."
  • "I think a kaftan and a pair of loose pants would really suit you."
  • ""Eternal Summer" suits you perfectly."
  • "If you send him an e-mail with your requirements and preferences, he'll look through all the properties he has on his books and select the ones most suited to your needs."

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