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(My small problem has) turned into (a big one): (My small problem has) become, transformed into, converted into (a big one)

(These negotiations) are turning into (a nightmare): (These negotiations) becoming, starting to be (a nightmare)


  • "My name is THX-1134 and I can turn any situation into a sales opportunity."
  • "One final clue: if the 'r' word is sustained, it may turn into."
  • "Horatio : We are going to make a special perfume that will turn General Hurley Burley into a peace-loving hippie."
  • "I think Susie's marketing strategy is a real winner, and with the right sales approach, and an intelligent pricing package, I'm sure I could turn those surplus bottles into a hot commodity."
  • "Visit now to find out how you can turn your accident into cash!"
  • "Just one question, Bruno: why have you turned into a giant duck?"
  • "I understand that you've turned one part of this floor into a furniture shop."
  • "My trip is turning into a disaster."
  • "Brent : Yes, well Candy, in the winter, water freezes and turns to ice."
  • "Horatio hasn't been the same since Paco was turned into a Coq-au-vin."

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