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a tourist: a holiday-maker, a traveler, a sightseer
a tourist trap a place, such as a shop or restaurant, that offers overpriced goods and services to tourists


  • "I'm here because two European tourists - Dutch to be precise - have been taken hostage by pirates."
  • "Hannah : Oh, a tourist!"
  • "Of course, it's become an enormous commercial enterprise, with thousands of tourists from all over the world."
  • "Dave the tourist!"
  • "We have always benefited from a healthy tourist industry, and as long as our city remains an attractive tourist destination we will continue to do so."
  • "In an unlikely turn of events, an American tourist has peacefully overthrown the Peacenikland government and crowned himself 'King and all-round awesome leader' of the country."
  • "Ivory Coast: three German tourists have been taken hostage!"
  • "It's obvious after meeting her that she spends her time frivolously flying from one tourist destination to the next, on the company's dollar I imagine."
  • "I heard him say 'slip it in your bag, it's our little secret' to a young French boy shopping for a birthday present for his mother, and 'oh go on, treat yourself: I won't tell anyone' to an Icelandic tourist."

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