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a tournament: a contest, a competition, a series of competitive matches or games


  • "Subject: Dodgeball tournament"
  • "I've asked her to write a feature about Team Delavigne in the dodgeball tournament."
  • "Scrabble tournaments, martial arts, jigsaw puzzles"
  • "At the Dubai Pro-Am tournament, a major surprise as an amateur golfer named Terrance Cashman shocked the world by shooting three under par and defeating over fifty professionals taking part in the tournament."
  • "But to help me out is our Brazilian correspondent, João Carlos do Sabino, who's reporting on a women's beach volleyball tournament down in that fabulous city, Rio de Janeiro, João?"
  • "Thanks to you, we took first place in the tournament!"
  • "Moira : Is this some sort of a tournament or a championship match, Enriqué?"
  • "Don't forget that the French started as the underdogs when they joined the tournament in 1910."
  • "It's time we fostered a sense of team spirit within Delavigne, which is why I have decided to enter a Delavigne dodgeball team into a tournament taking place next month."
  • "Twice-weekly training sessions with Horatio, the tournament is in one month."

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