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(a) traditional (wedding): (an) old-fashioned, conventional, customary (wedding)

traditionally: according to habit, conventionally


  • "There's no way of penetrating this robot, at least not in any traditional way."
  • "Recent test flights have succeeded in using a mix of 50% biofuels and 50% traditional kerosene."
  • "Mrs. Lee : I am filled with joy because you like our traditional Chinese cuisine."
  • "Traditional activities : Casual sex between consenting monsters."
  • "It's certainly not a traditional career trajectory, but I applaud you for it."
  • "It's a great chance to sample traditional English food!"
  • "'The march may be infiltrated by liberal radicals intent on spreading anti-American propaganda and denouncing traditional American values."
  • "I would like to share with you a traditional French song that my mother used to sing to me to make me sleep."
  • "Digital downloads and CDs aren't killing off the traditional vinyl album, and it seems that the Internet is actually safeguarding its future."
  • "Today, these places are considered landmarks and represent the freedom with which San Francisco is traditionally associated."

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