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to transfer: to move, to switch; to pass on, to connect (a phone call); to delegate
Please hold, sir. I'll transfer your call. I'll connect you to Mr Jones right now.

to transfer money: to move money from one bank account to another

a (wire) transfer: a (wire) movement (of money) from one person or organization to another


  • "Luna : You aren't going to be promoted, dismissed or transferred."
  • "
    Susie: Other messages like marriage proposals, wire transfers from Nigerian princes, and absolutely all mails from Philip Cheeter, I mark as SPAM or delete immediately.
  • "Why don't you transfer me directly to Mr. Delavigne's voicemail?"
  • "You are unlikely to be lent any more money and you may not be able to transfer your existing loan from one home to another."
  • "Brian : Ms. Doleman, I've got Phillip Cheeter in Sales available to talk to you, I'll transfer your call."
  • "Jean and I have managed to recover all of our data and transfer it to our new servers, so theoretically you should have received all e-mails which were sent to you while our server was offline."
  • "Ah, yes, transfer."
  • "Ok. Transfer."

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