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typically: usually, normally, generally
In England, dinner is typically eaten at 6PM, although many people now eat later in the evening.

typical: standard, archetypal, average, normal


  • "They are a typical Australian couple, and they are going to welcome us in their typical Australian home."
  • "Philip : So Edward, that whole plate of mashed potatoes – is that a typical Swedish thing?"
  • "Those are typically the traits of a French woman."
  • "Susie : Wayne is a typical working-class male."
  • "A typical hunt involves 50 dogs and 50 horse riders blowing horns like this one."
  • "Accounts Payable will be letters from people asking for money – typically these will include invoices we need to pay."
  • "Excuse my typical French greeting, but I have just returned from my homeland (France) and I am filled with a love of France (my homeland) and all things French!"
  • "I'll play the part of a typical customer you might come across."
  • "Retail sales typically increase 50-70% in the three months leading up to December 31st."

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