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unfortunate: unlucky, unsuccessful; sad, regrettable, lamentable
fortunate lucky, opportune, with good luck

unfortunately: sadly, regrettably, lamentably
fortunately luckily, with good luck, by a happy chance

Pronunciation examples
UK: Unfortunately, the show is cancelled due to an escaped tiger.
US: Yes, that is very unfortunate.
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  • "Unfortunately, you missed the deadline by 1 minute and 5 seconds."
  • "Unfortunately, it's not good news: I've had several complaints about the provocative nature of our posters."
  • "I had an unfortunate accident when I was younger."
  • "Bruno : Unfortunately, the current economic climate has led to budget cuts, and the Corporation cannot afford to take you on a guided tour of the Park."
  • "In light of yesterday's unfortunate laboratory explosion (on the bright side, just our third this year!"
  • "We killed a lot of bugs on the way here unfortunately!"
  • "Unfortunately, the gentleman I was planning to take with me is unable to attend, so his ticket is up for grabs!"
  • "Unfortunately, a member of the IT department has discovered the 'Taxman' virus on a Delavigne employee's computer."
  • "Unfortunately, I am unable to give you more information regarding my position and purpose, because then I would have to kill you."
  • "I would have singled out just one person, but unfortunately science is not an exact science."

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