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a union (of truck drivers): a syndicate, an organized group (of truck drivers)

a union (between two people): a marriage, a joining, a coming together (between two people)
Pronunciation examples
UK: I complained to my union when I was fired.
US: The young couple were joined in harmonious union.
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  • "these days they just come in a different form. Smythe says that private sector companies are finding ways to compensate workers without using union labor, 'The perks that a dotcom like Doodle provides for its staff, without any union interference, are unbelievable: free meals, childcare, dry cleaning services, gold-leafed toilet paper, the list goes on and on."
  • "Globalization may signal the end for the traditional American union, but workers' rights are far from dead."
  • "In the US, the loss of industrial jobs and the rise of a global economy have threatened the higher wages that union members once enjoyed."
  • "There is power in a union."
  • "Brian : Hmmm. I do know that some of our union workers are interested in French training."
  • "Bruno : Okay Leonard, when you talk about 'the people', and 'the workers', and your 'comrades', you do realize that union members make up just 1.3 percent of the staff at Delavigne?"
  • "In Sweden, more than a fifth of the population belongs to a union."
  • "Economist Adam F Smythe explains: 'Private sector companies are less inclined to hire union labor because of the restrictions it imposes upon their business models'."
  • "Philip : We have a union?"

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