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(the) upcoming (meeting): (the) next, approaching, forthcoming (meeting)
Bruno Delavigne will speak at our upcoming conference, it's next Friday.

Pronunciation examples
UK: For more information on upcoming events, press star now.
US: I have eight upcoming meetings in my diary.


  • "It is up to you to decide whether they will be awarded the same type of budget for the upcoming year, after reading their respective budget proposals."
  • "You'll be pleased to know that despite our little incident, I managed to talk those suckers at "Smells R Us" into renewing their orders for the upcoming year."
  • "This is the last board meeting of the year, where we review this year's results, approve the budget for the upcoming year, and forecast next year's growth."
  • "Rumors abound that Wang, one of the most unpredictable players on the Chinese landscape, will use the upcoming perfume congress in Rome to do some shopping."
  • "For information on our products, policies, upcoming events and other company news, please visit our website, www."
  • "Brian : Today I'll be presenting a few of Delavigne's upcoming product releases for the new year, as well as discussing the company's latest plans and initiatives."
  • "Here is a list of our upcoming shows: If you would like to see Harry Potter the Musical, press 1."
  • "I'll keep you posted regarding our upcoming court date in Monterey County."
  • "Let's go straight to our European correspondent, Rupert Kensington, who's going to talk us through the upcoming rugby season."
  • "Press 1 if you would like to book a ticket for an upcoming show."

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