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an update: a report of the most recent information
Here's an update on the project, I'm sending you all the latest information.

to update: to give the most recent information
I'll update you on the situation, I'll tell you all the latest news.

a news update: a summary of the most recent news


  • "For an update we go live to Radio Rhubarb weather correspondent Candy Summers."
  • "Subject: RE: Update on Bob's Birthday Party"
  • "To reduce the risk of credit card fraud, we have recently updated our security system."
  • "The other day I updated my PalPay account, or I thought I did, but then I read this article on the john this morning, and I'm like 87% certain that I have a virus, and."
  • "We'll check in again for an update soon."
  • "Moira : Can you give us an update on the downpour, Candy?"
  • "We'll get to the headlines in a few minutes, but first let's get a traffic update from Ray Upton, who joins us from Radio Rhubarb Traffic Copter 1."
  • "It lets me update my status via mobile phone or internet, so everyone knows what I'm up to."
  • "This is the main advantage of Stickypedia: the fact that content is constantly being updated means that only the best, truest information survives."

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