Definition Useless

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useful: helpful, of use, effective, practical, profitable
Make yourself useful. Do something practical, of use.

useless: worthless, incompetent, pointless, of no use


  • "I can see why that might be useful."
  • "The above points probably seem obvious to most of us, but the great aunt Margarets of this world might find them useful."
  • "Money is useful because it can be exchanged for products and services."
  • "These are two basic accounts, and, even if you're not rich, it's useful to have both."
  • "You people are useless!"
  • "I know you've all got busy schedules, but your input would be really useful for me."
  • "Edward : Look at your hands, they're such useful tools."
  • "However, I can tell you that the initiative kills two birds with one stone: not only should it improve the level of hygiene in the office, it will also provide a permanent use for otherwise useless intern, Edward Moon."

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