Definition Usually

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usually: normally, generally, commonly, regularly, ordinarily, typically

usual: normal, customary, regular, expected, general, common

as usual, as per usual: like normal, as always, as expected, in the customary fashion


  • "So how do you usually start your day?"
  • "You will continue to do business as usual, and we will continue to be successful."
  • "What do the English usually eat with chips to make them more interesting?"
  • "Brian : Well erm, Edward usually sings us a song."
  • "Production, research and development, sales and distribution will resume as per usual."
  • "You look paler than usual."
  • "But as usual, the conversation inevitably turned to romance."
  • "Seems like I'm floating in the office, but everything is a bit funkier than usual."
  • "Brian : Ah, next, Philip usually tells us about the true meaning of Christmas."
  • "Brian : Well, next I usually distribute my famous homemade biscuits."

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