Definition Variety

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a variety: a selection, an assortment, a wide range
We offer a wide variety of different teas, choose whatever you want.
This sweater comes in a variety of colors: blue, green, red, yellow and pink.

(I don't like you) for a variety of reasons: (I don't like you) for a lot of different reasons
Unfortunately, I will not be able to come to your dinner for a variety of reasons, including the death of my mother.


  • "I am not interested in outsourcing our customer service work to foreign countries for a variety of reasons."
  • "I would really like to see more varieties of coffee in the coffee machine in the break room. "Milk and sugar", "black with sugar", "extra sugar" and "cream and sugar" don't offer much diversity."
  • "Moreover, I am trained in a variety of hand-to-hand combat techniques, and I am an expert marksman as well, should Mr. Delavigne ever require a bodyguard or even an assassin."
  • "They'll be asking you questions on a variety of topics to stimulate, uh, I mean, simulate what goes on at a real press conference."
  • "Jason : There's a wide variety of openings."

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