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to unveil: to reveal, to bare, to disclose, to display, to expose, to uncover, to unmask; to divulge
He unveiled his invention at the conference. He told everyone what he had previously been keeping a secret.

to veil: to cover, to hide, to conceal, to enshroud, to mask
The bride's face was veiled on the wedding day. Her head was covered with a white piece of material.
Delavigne's plans for its next perfume are veiled in secrecy. No-one is allowed to know their plans and they are certainly not going to tell anyone.

Pronunciation examples
UK: She wears a veil to hide her very big nose.
US: I will unveil my plan tomorrow at the stroke of midnight.


  • "Scientists unveil new deterrent against bird flu"
  • "CEO Bruno Delavigne, along with Chief of Research and Development Horatio Oléré, will unveil a philanthropic initiative of great consequence, to be revealed at the time of press conference (6 PM)."
  • "First of all, it is with great pride that I unveil Delavigne's newest perfume: TigerLily."
  • "I'm pleased to announce that this Thursday evening at 7pm, we will unveil the first painting in Delavigne Corp's new art collection."
  • "Notorious for his astute business sense and suspect business ethics, Mazerati has unveiled plans to triple D&C's profits within 6 years."

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