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(to play) a vinyl record, a vinyl album: (to play) an album of music which is recorded on a large black disc (mostly used before the 1980s, but still in existence today)

vinyl: a kind of hard plastic


  • "Vinyl records are for old people, right?"
  • "Online record shops are more and more numerous, and auction websites that sell second-hand vinyl records are booming."
  • "Digital downloads and CDs aren't killing off the traditional vinyl album, and it seems that the Internet is actually safeguarding its future."
  • "You've probably never touched a vinyl record or even heard one played."
  • "It's not just senior citizens who dig the sound of analog audio recordings, recent increases in vinyl record sales suggest that younger listeners are discovering turntables and the clarity of sound that they offer."
  • "But that, my friend, may soon change: Vinyl is back in."
  • "Vinyl by Gloria Gramophone"
  • "Brian : Your lab records not your vinyl records."

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