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a warehouse: a depot, a storehouse, a large store room
How big is your warehouse? Is your store big enough for all the merchandise?

Pronunciation examples
UK: All our products are stored in a warehouse.
US: Where is my house? Next to the big furniture warehouse on Johnston Street.


  • "(*) Krazy Gidyeon's Perfume Warehouse.com will ship one refrigerator magnet per order while supplies last."
  • "I've got 20,000 of those damn perfumes sitting in my warehouse storage."
  • "Kevin : No problem. In fact, they've got quite a surplus in their warehouse."
  • "Have you ever heard of a Website called "Krazy Gidyeon's Perfume Warehouse.com"?"
  • "I just wanted to reassure you that Krazy Gidyeon (CEO of Krazy Gidyeon's Perfume Warehouse.com), in his infinite wisdom, has removed the page on his Website selling Delavigne perfumes below MSRP."
  • "For some reason, the "perfume counter" wasn't deducting units of Moulin Magic from the inventory when they were sold and left the warehouse."
  • "Krazy Gidyeon's Perfume Warehouse.com is slashing prices on all Delavigne perfumes as part of our crazy quarterly liquidation sale!"
  • "Subject: Krazy Gidyeon's Perfume Warehouse.com"
  • "Krazy Gidyeon's Perfume Warehouse.com!"
  • "After three weeks, there wasn't a single bottle left in our warehouses."

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