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a warning: notice of a future event, usually danger or something bad
a warning sign a signal or behavior indicating imminent trouble or danger

to warn (against something): to tell about danger, to advise (not to do something)
I warned him against drinking the old milk.

Warning!: Be careful! Important information! Danger!
Pronunciation examples
UK: This is your final warning: you'll be fired if you feed the monkeys again.
US: I've warned you before about riding your bike in the house.


  • "Warning: Sharing this information can lead to death, excommunication."
  • "Warning: Bruno can be extremely charming, please do not fall in love with him!"
  • "Spa Retreat Rules - Fifth Warning"
  • "Bruno : Ok Horatio, before we go into the gallery, I need to warn you that this is a cutting-edge exhibition."
  • "Mr. Smith : Does or does not your label for Montmartre Musk say, "WARNING: CONTENTS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE"?"
  • "But I've got to warn you, these are some pretty serious tough hombres back there."
  • "You have been warned!"
  • "Don't say I didn't warn you."
  • "Consider this e-mail a first warning, further reports of verbal abuse will result in serious consequences!"

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