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the weather: the climate, the temperature (rain, wind, sun, snow, etc.)
What's the weather like today? (or How's the weather today?) What type of weather is there today?
Did you see the weather forecast? It said it is going to rain next week.


  • "After complaining about the weather for half an hour, she told me that she recently handed over a cheque for £90,000 to a "nice young man", and that in exchange he promised to re-plaster the ceiling in her sitting room. I'm no expert on re-plastering, but this seems like a rather large sum of money."
  • "And since the weather has been beautiful of late, I suggest a pool party or barbecue weekend."
  • "Moira : Let's get a weather report right away from our weather girl, Candy Summers."
  • "I don't want to be flying in inclement weather."
  • "Steffi : The weather?"
  • "The weather looks good, although it is night time, and I can't see much."
  • "Moira : That's all the time we have for today, but join us tomorrow for news, traffic, weather and maybe even a few more intimate details of Brent's private parts, eh life."
  • "they control the media, the global economy, the press, the government, the weather and the menu at the Delavigne cafeteria."
  • "The weather is"
  • "How's the weather in Munich?"

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