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(to do something) well: (to do something) correctly, right, in a good way
Well done! You did that in a good way! Good going! Congratulations!
a well done steak a steak cooked for a long time

Well, (I wasn't expecting this!): Um, Oh, (I wasn't expecting this!)


  • "At the hotel room, well, I did actually receive an important phone call, otherwise I would have happily made love to her."
  • "Well, I'm just going to put on my pajamas, and then I'll be right there."
  • "Consequently, any attempts to mark my birthday with celebrations will NOT be well received!"
  • "Susie : Well I was with a man, but it, it's not what you think."
  • "- Well Mr. Castorini, what do you think?"
  • "Susie : Well Samantha, I'll be honest with you."
  • "Susie : Well I did just get back from Kalackistan where it's been snowing for what seems like an eternity."
  • "Samantha : Well then, let's look at your life little Miss perfect."
  • "-Well that depends on where you want to get to."
  • "Susie : Well, I know relationships aren't always perfect Samantha, but they're not as bad as all that!"

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