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(to do something) well: (to do something) correctly, right, in a good way
Well done! You did that in a good way! Good going! Congratulations!
a well done steak a steak cooked for a long time

Well, (I wasn't expecting this!): Um, Oh, (I wasn't expecting this!)


  • "Do they treat their animal well?"
  • "Well, we will look for Bruno and Susie tomorrow, but we have nothing to do tonight."
  • "
    Susie: Well, Bob, that seems to be a question for our time, doesn't it?
  • "And then I'm supposed to have a meeting with Philip and talk about the sales budget for the next quarter, and I just know he's going to ask me for more stuff that I can't afford to allocate him, and - well - you know what Philip's like, and."
  • "Jean : Well, I'm very hungry, and since we don't eat dinner with Mamie, I suggest we go inside and at least we have a bite to eat, you know 'miam miam'."
  • "Well, I love you too."
  • "Susie : Well, there is a lot to consider here."
  • "Well, in that case I don't know what to tell you Dmitri."
  • "Well, we've canvassed the entire area, and spoken to several marine mammals."
  • "Philip : Well, as exciting as that sounds, and it does sound exciting, this is the city of love."

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